"My world, my rules. Know your place."

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" Instead of focusing on my revenge.. I will focus on this world, the world filled with people who were forced to be slaves, I will take the freedom that I have now and share it with those people! "
— Seiken stated his goal

"Roam free in the endless space. "

Zeromia Seiken (ゼロミア シーカー Zeromia Shiikan) is a Pirate who is part of the Revolutionary Army, he travels around the world to help as many people as he can. Seiken is known throughout the world for his unlimited access to freedom as The Man with the Most Freedom.

Having traveled through many island for almost five years, his participation in many events have earned him the name, "Roaming Star" (ローミング星, Rōmingu hoshi) based on his Devil Fruit, Guro Guro no Mi. His current bounty is Beli Small80,000,000.


Seiken stands at an intimidating six feet and two inches tall. His eyes are dark green and his hair is blue in colors. He possesses a red tattoo above and under his right eye.

He usually wears a rather formal, almost militaristic, attire. The trademark of his attire is a long hooded dark blue coat with a light blue lined hem, two strings with shield-shaped pendants hanging down from the hood and a golden symbol on the left part of the chest. Underneath, Seiken sports a whitish blue shirt, underneath the whitish blue shirt is a simple skin-tight sleeveless purple shirt paired with extremely loose blue cargo pants (tucked inside simple boots), which is held up by a light bluish belt. Seiken is often seen with gloves on while traveling, they keep his hands warm in cold conditions.


Seiken is a nice, young man who treats everyone like how he wants to be treated. He really prefers to do whatever he wants except when someone forced him to do something else, like using brute force to make him fight them. When in a battle of some sort, he oftens acts cocky and would like to have on his hood, giving him that villainy look. But he doesn't mean anything by that.

Seiken is an all-around carefree person, he's usually seen with a smile on his face. His hobby when he was a kid is swimming, though after being almost drowned, he have had a fear for the ocean. So he changed his hobby into reading, he can be found in a library of any towns, reading about the world's history. He likes to repeat all of the famous quotes sometimes.

Sometimes, he can be taken serious when he talks about changing the world. Many others who had their heart touched by Seiken's speeches, while some go against it.


Early LifeEdit


Seiken when he was 6

In his childhood, Seiken were kidnapped by a group of pirates called Dareg Pirates and became their servant when he was 6 years old. They provided him little resources such as food, shelter, etc. Their captain, Captain Dareg made Seiken suffered for everything he did wrong, even if it's just a small mistake.

Joining the Revolutionary ArmyEdit

Four years later after the kidnap,when Seiken became 10, the Dareg Pirates were having a banquet. Dareg was pretty much drunk and beat Seiken for fun in when suddenly Seiken took out a pocket knife to cut Dareg on the cheek. He took the advantage to escape on a rowboat with resources on it and a flag of the Dareg Pirate to set sail to the open sea, hoping to reach land.

After 3 or 4 days, while Seiken was having lunch on his boat, he found himself heading towards a ship which belongs to that of the Revolutionaries, but he doesn't know anything about them. He hopes that they are not as evil as the Dareg Pirates, Seiken started rowing as fast as he could, filled it's excitement. Seiken's rowboat finally reached the side of the ship, he was greeted by a bunch of questions "Hey kid! What are you doing out in this open sea? And more importantly, why does your boat have the flag of the Dareg Pirates? Are you one of them?" Not giving Seiken time to answer, they invited Seiken aboard. Seiken told the people everything that had happened to him. After a quick explanation by the Revolutionaries, Seiken found out Dareg were associated with the Marines. He took a moment and then declared, "I will make them pay for making me suffer..." But then he realized that would make him as evil as they are, so he corrected himself "No, instead of focusing on my revenge.. I will focus on this world, the world filled with people who were forced to be slaves, I will take the freedom that I have now and share it with those people!" After hearing Seiken's speech, one of the Revolutionaries smiled and said "Kid, how would you like to join the Revolutionary Army? We will help you share your freedom with others." Seiken accepted the request right away, exchanging a smile.

The Blue-Haired RevolutionaryEdit


Seiken's disguise

When he became 16 years old, Seiken decided to set his foot on land when the ship passed by an island. He told the others that he will go explore since the last time he ever set foot on land was when he was 6. While taking a walk around town, he was approached by a bunch of nicely dressed people. One of them carrying a sword on his back, the rest has guns in their hands. Seiken assumed they were marines since they were wearing white and blue, just like the Revolutionaries described. The person who is carrying the sword seems to be the leader, because the rest stands behind him. He asked Seiken "I have never seen you before.. Are you an immigrant?? How did you get here?" Seiken looked at them with a smile and replied in kindness and proudly, "Nope, I'm not an immigrant, I am part of the Revolutionary Army!!" The marines, including the leader, were shocked to hear that. Then the leader explained that any revolutionaries will be captured whatsoever. Seiken just remembered that the Revolutionaries reminded him that he should stay away from marines, so he make a run for it before they start making a move. The marines chased him throughout the town, it wasn't very long until Seiken were out of plain sight. He found a bandana with a silver plate attached to the front and a green scarf nearby, strapping it on to conceal his face. Walking through town once again, now disguised, Seiken found a wanted poster of himself on the Community Board of the town. His bounty is Beli Small2,000,000. He had no idea how they got a picture of him nor why they put his name as "Blue Haired Revolutionary". He takes a look around to check if anybody is looking,ripping off the wanted poster of himself and stuffed it into his pocket. Seiken thought more trouble would happen so he decided to leave the town right away, not having time to explore anymore. When he arrived at the docks, he can spot the ship in the distance. Seiken mumbled something underneath his mouth as a marine ship blocked his view from the Revolutionaries ship, more marines seems to be coming his way from behind.

The Marines arrived

The villagers cleared a path for the marines to head directly toward Seiken. He didn't mind them, atleast it was for their safety. The person with the sword walked toward him once again, this time he properly introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Kurotani Asonja. I know you are the "Blue Haired Revolutionary", but I would like to know your name, what are you doing here, and what is you goal?" Seiker calmly answered, "I am Zeromia Seiken, I am just exploring this place, and my goal is to gives the slaves of this world the freedom they deserves." His answer silenced everyone but then they would burst out laughing, some of them had dropped them on the ground, holding their stomach trying to get up. "Alright kid, heheh, I will promise to let you escapes if you keep your words." Asonja grinned as if he expected Seiken to admits that he won't keep his words, but he realized that Seiken was serious after seeing the seriousness on his face, so Asonja ordered the other marines in the ship to provide Seiken a boat. Seiken accepted the offer politely and row towards the Revolutionary ship while looking straight back at Asonja.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Ways of CombatEdit

Devil's FruitEdit

Main article: Guro Guro no Mi


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"Without freedom, you probably won't even be able to become what you are now. You could be forced to be someone's chore boy if you didn't have it. "
— Seiken states the importance of freedom



  • He is based off of Jellal Fernandes of the Fairy Tail series.
  • His theme is Lightning - Break the Cage
  • Seiker's laugh starts off with a "Ke" (i.e. "Kehahahaha!")