Zoan (動物系 (ゾオン) Zōn) is one of the three Devil Fruit types and are much abundant at the Grand Line.

Zoan allows its users to shift into a different species, having access to a hybrid form and a full beast form. Its users do exceptionaly well in close combat, due to their enhanced physical prowess. Due to the variety in Races and Species, as well as nutrition, the Zoan also possess many subcategories.







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Zoan Users
KairoTemp CazzarMug LegsMug Daikaku Portrait ZombieMarine5
Alfred Glave  Cazzar Daddy L. Legs Daikaku Farglaive Wylfred
ValentineShamsTemp KuramaMUg LeoMug1 BaronMug
Valentine B. Carter Kurama Herculean Leo Raptor D. Baron


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Zoans are mostly divided into "Series", which houses animals that are genetically similar, divided into "Models". Inu Inu no Mi series

Hito Hito no Mi series

Kumo Kumo no Mi series

Oni Oni no Mi series

Neko Neko no Mi series

Single series

Some of the Zoan Fruits can be further categorized into small groups, according to the type of animal transformation they grant:

Fruits of animals which eat meat are said to be much inclined to combat. The physical strength and agressiveness of the user is naturally greater than standard Zoans, with their instincts being set high admist battles. Most of them generally have claws, fangs, and the like, which greatly augment in a fight.

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