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The Zoudai Zoudai no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that turns the user into a Enlarge Person (増大人間, Zoudai Ningen). After eating this fruit the user gains the ability to enlarge or harden a body part. The currently bearer of this fruit is unknown.


Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

The major strength of this fruit is the fact that gives the user the ability to enlarge or harden any part of his body. This fruit have two variations, the first is the one that is directly connected to the fruits name, that gave the name of "Enlarge" as the power to make any part of his body big. The other is the "Hardening" diferent from Busoshoku Haki, this type of hardening consists simply in the enlargement of muscle and then compress them in order to have the same strength that the other version but at the same time have more speed and endurance, to use this version to use this version more easily he learned how to use life return which makes this technique easier to use. Whene has awoken his devil fruit, he gain the ability to enlarge many objects in the surrounding area just by touching them.

The major weakness of this fruit is the fact that whene enlarge one of his body parts he slows down what makes it easy for the opponent to dodge and counter attack, although he can solve this problem with the Hardening, it also have a big weakness that his the time limit of five minutes and the fact that his body still can't afford a whole fight in this mode. Despite this the user suffers from the usual devil fruit weaknesses.


The user of this fruit has several different ways to activate the "Enlarge" that almost always consist of using the hands, the only thing that is always the same is the word that he says whene activating "Enlargement". For example when he wants to enlarge an arm he touches it with the opposite arm, but if he want to enlarge but of them he hits with his fists at each other. Whene he want to use it on his legs/feets he usually puts his palm on the knee. To activate the "Hardening" it is quite diferent from the Enlarge method, by making his muscles enlarge and next compress them with the Life Return method, he can make them be more resistant and give them more shape while maintaining the same speed, was able to create a way to keep this mode always ready to be used in training the muscles to react to shocks if necessary by-Jack when he sends a punch on one leg for example she gets automatically hardened.

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